Saturday, November 27, 2021

Everyday, stand guard at the door of your mind!


It's so important now, more than ever, to stand guard at the door of our mind!

We live in a world full of bad news.  If we are not careful we will be consumed by all of it!

It's our job to make sure that we take in good news, things that make us feel good, things that make us happy, things that build us up, that motivate us and inspire us.

If we don't do it for ourselves, no one is going to do it.

My favorite book has this to say about how to manage our thoughts...

"Finally, believers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable and worthy of respect, whatever is right and confirmed by God’s word, whatever is pure and wholesome, whatever is lovely and brings peace, whatever is admirable and of good repute; if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think continually on these things [center your mind on them, and implant them in your heart]." ~PHILIPPIANS 4:8

I often refer to this verse when I have trouble keeping my mind clean and positive.  I hope it helps you as well.

In my latest video I speak about what it is to Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind, how I go about doing that and how you can too!

So, if you're struggling with your mindset, I encourage you to check it out :)

Always wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and Many Blessings!

Monique Marie Bradford

~The WifeyMommyPreneur

Monday, November 1, 2021

WifeyMommyPreneur Podcast: THE ART OF UNLEARNING

When is the last time you caught someone in a lie?  I mean a bold faced lie!  Do you remember saying to yourself, "Wow... I can't believe that they lied to me!"  

Well, there comes a time in all of our lives when we have to sit down and evaluate our thoughts, our words, our actions and our habits and begin to eliminate all of the nasty things that are not serving us or the greater good of humanity.

Have we been lied to?

Have we been told that we are not good enough?  That we can't do something?  That we are not worthy of love, joy, peace, health and happiness?

I've come to realize that anyone who tells another human being that they are deserving of anything less than the very best in this life is a liar.

We are all so talented, gifted, special and unique.  We all carry something inside of us that wants to free itself and be of service and in exchange for that service we are prospered!

When we give, it it given unto us...  But how can we give if we don't feel like we have anything to offer.

Who is going to tell us that we are enough?  Who is going to tell us we have value?  

Unfortunately, many of us were not told the truth about ourselves throughout our lives.  We have been made to feel like we lacked something and therefore we have been playing this game of catch up.

When all along, we have been amazing and special and valuable!

I recently listened to the audiobook, "The Four Agreements" and the author talked about something he called, "the process of domestication".  He says that during the process of domestication we learn that we need to be a certain way in order to be accepted by others.

During the process of domestication we learn that it's not okay to be what and who we are and so we start pretending to be what we are not.

Think of it like this...  Have you ever downplayed who you are to make someone else feel comfortable in a relationship?  Have you ever tried to be more quiet, less outgoing, less of a leader, all so that the people around you don't feel less than you?

In doing so, you are making an agreement with the people around you as to who YOU are.  You are agreeing that you being yourself (outgoing, sociable, fun, smart) is not good or is too much for the world.  And so, you behave in a way that is inauthentic to who you truly are, which hinders you from living your best life and being all that God created you to be!

I highly recommend you read, "The Four Agreements".  I listened to the audiobook on Youtube.  You can do the same below.

In my latest podcast episode, I speak about my journey of breaking the agreements that no longer serve me.  I hope that it encourages you to do the same!

Always wishing you nothing but Love, Peace, Joy, Prosperity and Many Blessings!

Monique Marie Bradford

~The WifeyMommyPreneur

Monday, October 25, 2021

I AM Affirmations For Wealth, Money & Success (LISTEN TO THIS EVERY DAY!)

You guys!!!  :)

I hope you like the photo I used for this blog post.  LOL  It's my "I'm so at peace" face.  lol

I shared this with my family on Instagram and I wanted to share it here on the blog as well.

These are in my opinion :) THE BEST affirmations EVER!!!  LOL

Whenever I want to put myself in a bossy, abundant, grateful, blessed mood... I pop this video on and just let it play in the background.

It helps me to keep calm and and appreciate all that I have while I work toward what I want and what is already mine...  

I hope you enjoy these affirmations too ❤️❤️❤️

Much Love,

Monique Marie Bradford
~The WifeyMommyPreneur 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Give and it shall be given unto you!

Serve Your Way To Your Dream LIFE!!

It's been said, in my favorite book, in Luke 6:38, "Give, and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

More and more I am seeing this passage play out in my life.  

I have always been a giver, but lately I have been watching very closely where I give my time, my energy, my money and my talents. 


Because I have learned that it's so important to give or "sow" into good ground.  Meaning, where you give you should be expecting a return on your giving.

We have been so conditioned to take what we can get...  To minimize our gifts and talents... To shut up and do what's "right".  We've go to show EVERYBODY how much we appreciate them by giving and giving and giving.  Even if it's killing us.  Literally killing us.. Mind, Body and Soul!

I'm proud to say that I have retired from giving where the return I'm getting is less than what it should be.  As any good business person knows...  There should always be a return on your investment!  lol

I've begun to really appreciate, acknowledge and value my gifts and talents like never before.  And it's paying off!

Money has truly been coming to me easily and effortlessly from multiple places on a continuous basis.

Another thing that I've done is change my mindset about money.  I know that it's ALL GOD'S MONEY!  Once I realized this truth... it was game over.  I went from working for money to serving people, sowing into people and initiatives that serve people and knowing that as I do so, it will all come back to me.

A few months ago I began interning for a wonderful Marketer and multiple 6-Figure earner in the home-business space.  

As you know... most internships are non-paid, but guess what...  I, Monique Mare Bradford, The WifeyMommyPreneur, former Supervisor of Sterile Processing in the hospital, former Restaurant Manager, Leader, Teacher and all that other stuff, blah, blah, blah....  at the age of 38... took a non-paid internship position solely to serve!

Lisa has no idea how many years I have followed her.  I have been following her online since I don't even know when... but it's been over SEVERAL YEARS!!

I know Lisa's story, I've seen Lisa grow, I've been on Lisa's teams in the past and she probably has no idea.  Or had no idea... I've just spilled the beans.  lol

But when Lisa posted about a non-paid internship position to work with her on her personal brand and business, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!  Not just because I wanted to GET something from her, but because I know how much she has sown into other online entrepreneurs and I wanted to use my gifts and talents to bless her and her business knowing that she will bless not only me with her knowledge and experience, but also others.  And it means a lot to me to be a part of that.

I have become a true "Mission" girl.  I care more about the company or brand mission than anything else.  I want to believe in what I contribute myself to, you know?

Well... as a result of sowing into Lisa, I have gained new business.  I have gained paid work to do what I have been doing for Lisa for free!

The funny thing is, while I was putting in work for Lisa, I used to think to myself...  Why am I doing this? And although I couldn't put my finger on it as far as a clear "WHY" besides that fact that I loved Lisa and her mission to help entrepreneurs automate their businesses and free themselves from working harder instead of working smarter...  I did know that I felt like God was telling me to serve Lisa with a pure heart, expecting nothing in return.  It was and is my joy and pleasure to serve Lisa with my gifts and talents.

Little did I know I would receive a return on my giving.  I knew that something was coming, but not what or when it was coming.

Not only was I blessed with paid work on my own terms as an entrepreneur, but I also grew my online affiliate marketing business and have begun to recieve a return on my investment! 

It's a beautiful thing to see God provide and God keep his promises as you trust in him and his word.

I'm so truly grateful.

With that said... I've learned and now know that My time is an investment.  My money is an investment.  My prayers, my thoughts, my actions and my words are all investments.

As I give, I expect to receive and I do.  And I thank God for the many blessings that I receive each and everyday!

So...  If you don't like what you've been getting... Check up on your giving...

BE. DO. HAVE.  (If you don't know what that means... google it!) 😊

Much Peace, Love, Joy and Prosperity to you and yours ❤️

Monique Marie Bradford
~The WifeyMommyPreneur

Saturday, October 2, 2021

God wants us to have the desires of our heart!

We can learn so much about God and his love for us when we become a parent.

We want soooo much for our children.  We don't want them to struggle.  We don't want them to be hurt.  We want them to have everything they need and everything that they want.  We want absolutely nothing but the best for our children.

If we are made in the image of God and we are children of God and God loves us so much that he sent his only son to this earth to die for OUR sins so that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life, then why in the world wouldn't God want us protected and provided for? 

One of my favorite bible scriptures is: 

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Gods plan is to prosper us and not to harm us and to give us hope and a future.  I'm so thankful to God for that!!

Are you a believer?  If so, I do also believe that what I just said deserves and Amen!  lol (A little church humor for you ;)

I want to put something on your mind real quick...

How many times have you planned to do something really nice for your child and then they go and mess it up by disobeying you or lying to you or disrespecting you or even disrespecting themselves?

It hurts.  It not only hurts the chances of our children having the best life EVER, provided by us, their parents who adore them!  But it also hurts us because we want nothing but the best for our children and hate that they ruined the chance for something amazing to happen in their lives.

I would think that God is the same way, saying, "Come on now... Just follow the plan so that you can prosper and have a hope and a future. Come on now...  Dang!"  lol

With that said... I hope that you find peace and joy in knowing that Gods plan for you is a beautiful one.  

So be victorious and full of faith in this crooked world.  With God all things are possible and the victory is ours.

With Love, 

Monique Marie Bradford
~The WifeyMommyPreneur

Friday, August 6, 2021

Keep your circle tight and RIGHT!

Have you ever heard the saying by Jim Rohn, "You're the Average of the Five People You Spend the Most Time With."?

There is some serious truth to that statement when you think about it.

When you are working to accomplish your goals, say something like... building a business from the ground up! lol  You are going to have to surround yourself with people who are positive, goal getting and inspiring.  People who challenge you to be better and the best you that you can be.

If you want to go to a new level you'll have to become someone new and do things that you've never done before.  The people you hang out with have to match your new level!

That's not to say you just cut everyone off.  But who you spend time with THE MOST matters.

You're not always going to feel like running the entrepreneurial race.  The road is rough.  But it's much easier to travel when you have people around you who can relate to what you're going through and will take you by the hand and say, "You got this."  "We got this!"  

So, if you're hanging around people who are pessimistic and don't believe that dreams can and do come true and who aren't willing to put in the work that it takes to accomplish the life of their dreams, then it's time to change the people in your inner-circle.

Looking for some cool people to hang out with who are building successful online businesses and showing others how to do the same?

Come hang out with us on a Wednesday Webinar, where we discuss what's happening now in online business and share insider tips and tricks to grow your business online.  It happens every Wednesday at 8PM EST.  You can Register for the next Wednesday Webinar, HERE

Until next time....

Much Love, Peace, Prosperity and Blessings to you and yours!  
In Jesus' Name.  

~The WifeyMommyPreneur

P.S. I talked about this very subject in my YouTube video below.  Check it out!  :)

Thursday, July 29, 2021

How I created my very 1st Ebook in just 2 days!!


Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes... My very 1st ebook will be launching soon!  I am so excited about it!

I honestly did not know that it would be so easy to do.  

One of the beautiful, amazing, successful women in my marketing community by the name of Keysha LaShaun did a training called, Create My First E-Book for Instant Authority where Keysha teaches on "Growing Your List With An Ebook".

I was hesitant to even watch it, even though I have wanted to create an ebook for years!  The thought of sitting down and creating an ebook made me sweat.  lol 

I'm glad that I did watch the training though because it was sooooo dang simple to create that I finished it in 2 days!  

I'm still working on the cover and building marketing funnels for it, but the content portion is pretty much done!

If you have been thinking about creating an ebook to offer more value to your customers and clients, or want to use your ebook to give away and build your list, I highly suggest you check out Keysha's Free Training HERE

I pray that you experience Much, Love, Peace, Prosperity and So Many Blessings!

Monique Marie Bradford
~The WifeyMommyPreneur

I made a YouTube video celebrating my ebook (that is soon to lauch) :)  Check it out below!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Working From Home: How To Work Smarter

I cannot tell a lie...  For the past couple of weeks, I have not had it all the way together when it came to balancing Family and Running My Business from home!

I spoke to one of my mentors last week and he asked me, "So what are you excited about doing over the weekend?"  And I had no answer for him.  I literally had nothing on my calendar for the weekend and realized that I hadn't put anything on my calendar for next week.  And when working from home and building a business, not having anything scheduled and on your calendar every single week is a sure fire way to accomplish NOTHING.

And so I immediately broke out my calendar and started scheduling all of my companies upcoming events and trainings.  I'm doing something a little different and I'm scheduling my week on my phone.  I usually schedule everything on a paper calendar (Old School :) but I decided to try using the calendar on my phone which is linked to my google calendar.  We shall see how this goes...  lol

I also started planning out my social media content for the week so that posting will be a breeze and I'll have time to knock out all of my income producing activities without worrying about what to post.  Although I seem to never run out of content ideas (Thank God!) I still like to do some planning to give me ideas of what to post, just in case I draw a blank.

With all of that said, let's get to some cool tips for you!

Working smarter, not harder, AND being able to do it from home is something that anyone can learn to do, especially if you truly want to work from home or run your own home-business. 

Here are some things that I've adopted into my everyday life that help me run my business more efficiently and I'm sure they will help you too:

1) Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. You can see where your time will be spent after you create a timetable.

2) Make a list of everything you want to do. You're more likely to complete what you need to do if you have a written list of things to do. Plus, crossing items off your to-do list will give you a huge boost!

3) Break down large jobs into smaller pieces. You'll be more likely to be able to handle them if you split them down into manageable chunks.

4) If necessary, set a timer. A timer can assist you in keeping track of your time and focusing on the task at hand.

5) Create a pleasant working atmosphere. Close your door to block out sounds and, if possible, switch off your phone. Make sure you're able to focus on the task at hand.

If you make sure to do these simple things everyday, you will make your time working from home as fruitful and productive as possible, allowing you to focus on the important things in your life, such as your family. Work is super important, but there are other things that are more important.  Don't you agree?  :)

Wishing you so much Peace, Love, Prosperity and Many Blessings!
~Monique Marie Bradford